Top 5 Takeaways In Berkshire

Berkshire is a county in the Southeast of England and just like any other place, this place has thousands of food-related options. The most intriguing aspect regarding visiting a new place or simply exploring a new town is the food that is served there. Every place has its signature food, that reflects the cultures and traditions of that place. Hence. If you are looking for palatable dishes popular in Berkshire, and if you’re in the town, then here’s the list of restaurants that have the best menus and reviews.

The Fat Frog

Interesting name, isn’t it? If you’re someone who is a fan of local British cuisines, then you’ve got a lot of options while in Berkshire. However, since the best one has a different and special taste from the others, the people living in Berkshire have reviewed The Fat Frog to offer the best British food in Berkshire. Although the restaurant has weekly changes in its menu but the Pheasant dish is claimed to be one of the most delicious dishes served in the place.

Meet at the Parish

Located in Windsor, Berkshire, Meet at the Parish is one of the best steak houses in the area. Whether you want it rare medium or full done, they have all kinds of steaks available for you. Along with the famous and delicious local steaks, they are known for their specialty, which is a soft shell crab, a starter. So start with satisfying your appetite with the supremely delicious crab and then have the best-reviewed steaks in town. What else do you need?

The Flower Pot Cafe

The flower pot cafe located in Newbury, Berkshire is the best place to have nourishing and fresh salads and sandwiches from if that’s what you’re craving. Their fabulous chili jacket, salad, the Italian BLT, and scrumptious chocolate cake is to live for. Go grab them now!!!

December 10, 2019

Las Iguanas Bracknell

Craving some delicious Mexican food? Las Iguanas Bracknell in the Bracknell area is the place you’re looking for. The burrito bowl at that place is everything that’s missing in your life and if you love pork and cheese, then you have to try the Cuban Sandwiches. They are so mouthwatering and saucy, that you won’t be able to resist.


Are you a Japanese? Missing your home food while in Berkshire? Or do you just appreciate Japanese cuisine and are craving some real Japenese cuisine? If so or not, you have to try Wagamama’s chili chicken ramen, Lamb teriyaki, and Asahi beer if you’re anywhere near Rushden. They have the most delicious, freshly cooked, and very close to real Japenese cuisine. The people of the town and even the outsiders are crazy about the Japanese and Asian food served at the place, and so will be you once you give it a try!

We hope you find this mini food guide regarding Berkshire interesting. Please let us know if you found our review to be useful!