Top 5 takeaways in Bedfordshire

Who doesn’t love food? If you have a knack for foods and are looking for top five takeaways in Bedfordshire, then you have ended up at just the right place!

In case you’re a foodie who is looking for foods to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more, Bedfordshire is the place which has a lot in store for you. Unlike people who probably eat everything that’s edible, there are some people who are quite conscious when it comes to what they feed themselves with. By skimming through the reviews of top food critics who are meticulous about picking food, we have identified the best places to eat in town and the best meals of those places. Bedfordshire is a dry county in the East of England and like every other place in the world, it has some of its specialties that make its food different from other countries. In case you are a newbie here or a visitor, who is perplexed regarding what to eat while you’re in Bedfordshire, then you don’t need to wonder anymore. Our guide is the one-stop solution for you!

Here’s a list for you, which is going to guide you step by step through the top 5 takeaways in Bedfordshire:

Fish & Chips from Luci and Linas

Located in Kempston, Luci and Linas is claimed to have the best fish and chips in the country. The locals rave about their scrumptious fish and chips, and have given great reviews regarding this place. They have hailed the quality of the fish and chips the most. Food critics have commented that their fish and chips are crispy, fresh, and straight out of the pan. So if you’re craving for some properly cooked, crispy, and golden brown chips then Luci and Linas is just the place you’re looking for. Head to it now!

Amore Pizzeria

Giving the look of an authentic Italian restaurant, Amore Pizzeria in Leighton Buzzard is famous for its Giro Pizza that people in the area seem to love. Filled with yummy cheese and having a great taste, this pizza is everything you need. So this is the place to fulfill your hunger, and satisfy your pizza cravings.

Paris House

Located in Woburn, Paris house is claimed to have the most intriguing and most unusual dessert, called the Thai Green Curry dessert. People come from different towns to have a spoon of this dessert. Even if you’re filled to your stomach, know that there’s always room for dessert. Having a sweet tooth is a guilty pleasure that one ought to enjoy anyways!

December 10, 2019


There is a bunch of restaurants in Bedford that serve complete Indian cuisines. Indiya is popular for its extremely tasty Indian food infused with fresh and strong spices, if that’s what you’re looking for. Their curry and naans are famous among people

Miller and Carter

If you are anywhere around Riverside Square in Bedford, you have to try the steaks at Miller and Carter or else you are missing out on something great! They make steaks perfectly and exactly how you want them to be, so your steak appetite won’t ever be disappointed.