A New Feature in Fusion Kitchen - Contactless Dine-in! Know More About it

COVID-19 is subsiding around the globe and people are still afraid of visiting friends, dining out, and shopping physically. But fortunately, we have learned to follow safety standards and maintain safe contact with others during this pandemic. Contactless dining, online shopping, and secluded sitting are some prime changes we have seen around us.

But, with other digital services on the rise, contactless dining is still limited to a few UK restaurants and some other eateries worldwide. They went all-digital to provide their customers with safe dining.

Fusion Kitchen has been one of them. We are happy to introduce a contactless dine-in feature for restaurants to ensure the safety of customers amidst COVID-19 concerns.

Contactless Dine-ins - Distancing & Socializing Combined

COVID-19 SOPs ask us to maintain a safe distance from others and limit unnecessary contact with potentially harmful services, i.e., a restaurant table used by others before you.

Contactless dine-ins provide you with comfortable sitting, quick order placement, and secure payments- all without contacting front-of-house staff members. Once a restaurant gets a unique POS and integrated payment options, the diners don’t have to contact anyone to serve them- everything goes digital.

BIf your social life has been on hold and getting takeaways online isn’t enough, find a good eatery in your vicinity that offers contactless dining and resume your everyday life (this time with a little twist).

Fusion Kitchen has made it easy for you to search for contactless dine-in options in your vicinity. Likewise, restaurants can offer contactless menus with Fusion Kitchen. Click here to learn how it works.

How will Contactless Dining help Diners and Restaurants?

If you are unsure how contactless dining will overtake traditional dining experiences, here are some reasons to help you make an informed decision.

Improved Safety Standards

A diner enters a sanitized restaurant, orders his/her favourite food without waiting for the server, and pays online, and goes his way. No unnecessary contact with other people and surfaces.

Did you like the picture?

That’s what contactless dining brings to the table. It moves most restaurant tasks online, leaving the in-house staff to prepare your meals with full focus. When a restaurant offers contactless dining, it’s digitally equipped to cater to your needs.

Secured Payments

Online payments are nothing new for UK restaurants, but they’re linked with the restaurant’s POS in contactless dining. And you pay by simply entering your credentials. A debit card and reader aren’t needed in contactless dining.

July 5th, 2021

Hassle-Free Orders and Feedbacks

Waiting for the server to entertain you and bring the cheque after you’re done go out of the picture with contactless dining. QR scanners and integrated payment systems make every step of the dining process safe.

Whether you order takeaways online or go for the dine-in option, contactless restaurants with well-integrated systems will always save your time.

Easy-to-manage Menus

With a reliable POS in place, you can edit menus, add optional modifiers, and categorize different items in one go. A digital menu allows the diners to pick and choose without calling the server back and forth.

Similarly, restaurant owners can update daily specials, deals, and combos in their online system without changing the menu boards.

Final Thoughts

If you’re switching towards contactless dining, Fusion Kitchen is a one-stop solution for you. You’ll get a unique POS, integrated ordering and payment options, and an easy-to-edit system that facilitates your customers in all aspects.

We’ll estimate your restaurant’s digital requirements and map out a workable plan to support your goals. So, sign up with Fusion Kitchen now, and let’s transition towards a safer, better future. Cheers!