How Restaurants Can Take Advantage of Food Ordering Portals?

We are living in the digital age and surely modern tools and technology have revolutionized every aspect of society, including the global food industry. Such advancements allow us to obtain whatever we need with a few clicks on a smart device. Similarly, food online ordering apps are available that allow consumers to connect with a large number of restaurants on a single platform.

If you are running a restaurant and have not yet partnered up with a reliable food ordering portal like Fusion Kitchen, you should read this article to learn about its advantages:

Easy Order Management

Food Ordering Apps are a much more quick and efficient method of ordering food than the traditional method of calling up the restaurants and placing the orders. Now the customers only have to make a few clicks and place their orders. As a result, the restaurants/takeaways will get all of the important information about the order such as address and contact number.

The restaurants will not have to worry about managing such aspects of taking the order because it is the responsibility of the food ordering app to take the order and transmit that information to you so that you can prepare the meal and deliver it.

Improve Customer Engagement

An efficient online ordering system and partnership with a food delivery app allows your restaurant to enhance engagement with the customers. You will be able to take their feedback quite easily and make any required changes. Moreover, the restaurants get a comprehensive dashboard that can be used to keep track of the important information about orders. Hence, it allows business owners to streamline the entire food ordering process and maximize customer satisfaction.

Track Progress

Tracking the progress of your business is extremely important in any type of business, including restaurants. Therefore, a reliable food ordering app is the one that is providing all of the essential information to you from time to time. It includes sending SMS and email notifications about the orders.

Moreover, the online ordering system is capable of maintaining thorough financial information and keeping track of the cash flow. You do not have to spend extra time, money, and energy in maintaining records. Instead, all of it will be done automatically when orders are placed online.

Dec 25, 2020


Marketing is another important aspect of making sure that the restaurants are able to survive in the highly-competitive food industry. By relying on a trustable food ordering portal like Fusion Kitchen, you will be getting a strong online presence. It means your brand will be visible to the customers all the time. Hence, you do not have to waste your money on expensive advertising campaigns. Fusion Kitchen additionally provides marketing service for free.

Instead, the App/website will serve as a free marketing tool. When you have more engagement with the customers, there is a very high chance that the satisfied customers will keep returning to your restaurant/takeaway. The good thing is that you do not have to pay any commissions. Thus, you will be getting more sales and profits with food ordering Apps like Fusion Kitchen who charge no commissions on orders unlike Just Eat who charge commissions upto 14 % on each order.