Avocado Breakfast Options are NOT Boring AT ALL

Avocado seems to be the “next next” thing in our daily food items. It is considered to be the “millennial food item” that has trended greatly over the past few years. This trending ingredient is no one’s enemy though. It is a healthy alternative to a lot of gluten enriched food items and is great for people that opt for a healthier diet in their lives. The only drawback? Avocados seem to go from green to brown within no time when exposed to air, so make sure to eat whatever it is that you have prepared with this fresh ingredient as soon as you have dished it out so that you can actually enjoy it while it’s fresh. Oh, and do not peel and cut the avocado at the beginning of your recipe, wait until everything else is prepared and then reveal the beauty that is the avocado so that it does not go all brown and weird.

As opposed to a wide misconception that avocados are boring, many breakfast options include avocados as the main ingredient and are a lot of fun to prepare and to enjoy diving into. Here are some fun and healthy avocado breakfast options that you are sure to enjoy that are not boring at all!

Avocado toast

This is a classic. It is quick, simple, easy, and fun to prepare while being an absolute treat to enjoy! The soft texture of the avocado allows it to easily be scooped out of its peel and spread onto toast like peanut butter. Simply toast your slice of bread (white or bran) and smother it with creamy avocado. You can top it with an egg, nuts, or whatever it is that you want to enjoy that will complement the soft texture of the avocado spread.

Avocado and eggs

Want to replace the boring old option of toast for breakfast? Prepare your half-fried egg, sunny side up, garnish it with salt, pepper, and parsley, and serve it with some fresh slices of avocado and grilled sausages if you like. This is easy to make and you can have lots of fun with the presentation. Not to mention how great the textures of each element go together, the soft and fresh avocado and the creamy, juicy egg. It’s a perfect Sunday breakfast that anyone can enjoy!

NOVEMBER 29, 2019

Baked eggs in avocado

Want to twist up the traditional avocado and egg recipe? Simply cut the avocado in have and pit it without peeling it, then break an egg to fill up the whole that the seed of the avocado left behind. Bake it for just a minute or two, based on how well done you enjoy your egg, garnish and enjoy!

Avocado smoothie

If you are looking to have even more fun with the basic avocado, try different smoothies with this fresh ingredient. You can experiment as you wish. You are sure to love it!

So, level up your breakfast routine and try some of these fun avocado breakfast ideas that you are sure to enjoy!